Loyal Membership

Minneapolis Club was founded in 1883 to provide a private city club for like-minded leaders of the community to come together. The Club captures the best of Minneapolis, as the place for social and business needs along with a touch point for your day-to-day interactions. 

"The character of this Club is of a social, rather than a business, nature. In this respect, it has always been most fortunate in the possession of a loyal membership, which has been deeply concerned in the Club’s welfare, and in perpetuating and protecting the associations of club life which have been formed within its walls."

Minneapolis Club Member Handbook 1929

In addition to the opportunities for comraderie, the Club’s historic elegance has shaped it into one of Minneapolis’s most inspired wedding venues. Over the years, couples have celebrated their special day at the Club, making memories for a lifetime.
The Minneapolis Club seeks to balance history and tradition with state-of-the-art fitness facilities and cuisine. The Club has a beautiful 4000-square foot Fitness Center with squash facilities.